Wednesday, July 24, 2019


DO WE NEED FEMINISM NOW THAT WOMEN ARE FREE - Essay Example As a means of answering such a question, the analysis will first consider what those who support a further form of feminism might say with regards to the prospect that the future holds and what extant need may still exist for feminism. Once this has been discussed with a level of depth and clarity, the analysis will then move on to some of the reasons for why such an approach necessarily guarantees that there will be perennial requirements for further feminism within the world. Some of these requirements are concentric upon the religious mores that are currently exhibited within the current system; whereas others are merely an example of history and the cultural determinism that has helped to define the United States in the way that it is. Finally, the last portion of the analysis will argue the position of the author with relation to this issue. Individuals that resist certain types of feminism put forward the understanding that the â€Å"appropriateness† of the feminist approach is predicated upon the viewpoints that it espouses. Naturally, some more radical types of feminism do not maximize the interests of women as much as they seek to minimize and demean the role of men throughout society. Within such an understanding, the more militant versions of feminism can be dispelled as illogical and not worthy of further analysis within this paper. Although this is something of a categorical approach, there are too many types of feminism and too many different approaches that do require a level of analysis to spend precious space within this brief discussion analyzing the more militant versions of this worldview (Valenti, 2012). The underlying reason for focusing upon the more mainstream branches of feminism is predicated upon the fact that it is the belief of this author, as well as the near categorical belief of a litan y of

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